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Puliz Online Backup is software that is installed on your PC or server that allows you to select the data files you want backed up and the frequency you want your data backups to run.

When Puliz Online Backup runs it selects the files, compresses them, encrypts them to your special key then transmits them to our secure data center. Once the backup is complete, you receive an email notification. You then have the ability to restore any file that has been backed up at any time.

Puliz Online Backup software works similar to traditional tape backup systems with some key advantages:

  • No Tapes -There is no need to invest in tapes. There is no need to change tapes on a daily basis. And there is no need to store tapes offsite. Even companies that have an automatic tape solution in place know the difficulty in dealing with tapes.

  • Offsite - Best practices for any backup solution outline the need to store or rotate backups to an offsite location. Because the Puliz Online Backup service automatically stores your data offsite, this is an inherent and built-in characteristic of theservice. Your backups are stored on our redundant servers at our secure data center.

  • Automated - Many backup solutions require you to manually perform the backup. These methods include backing up to CD, DVD or Zip drive

  • Encrypted and Compressed - All backups are compressed to maximize your storage space. All backups are encrypted to your special key— even Puliz personnel cannot view/decrypt your data without your key.

  • Notification/Status - some backup solutions offer notification, some do not. Puliz Online Backup offers email notification with all backup packages, so you always know that your backups were successful.

  • Validation of Backup/Test Restore - Best practices for any backup solution also require the periodic testing of the backups—validation that you can restore your critical files. With all backup packages, Puliz will contact you to perform a test restore to confirm you backups are working the way they should be.
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