Convenient Tracking & Delivery

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One of the greatest benefits of having Puliz handle you records management is the convenience it will provide.

Puliz provides full-service storage, delivery, and pickup. When you become a client, the process involved is very simple. You will be provided bar-coded labels and boxes to store your documents. Once this is ready, we will come and pick up the boxes from your office.

Our records management software utilizes the bar code technology to quickly and easily track inventory items. This information becomes available through the Internet and, by request, can be supplied in a Microsoft Excel format as well.

Not only do we provide storage, but also whenever needed, Puliz will locate your records for you and provide fast and accurate delivery to your office. There will be no need to look for records at your office, basement or messy storage units. You will have instant access to view your records through our state-of-the-art web software. You can also make your requests and inquiries by fax or by calling our friendly staff.

Never before has it been so easy to keep your critical records in order.