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Do you need certified destruction certificates to show your clients' due diligence. Would you like to feel secure that you are in compliance with all government regulations and privacy laws? Do you feel uncomfortable disclosing to your clients that you handle your shredding in-house? Do you promise your clients' document security that in-house destruction practices fail to deliver?

NAID AAA Certified

Only NAID Certified service providers bear this logo. To verify that a firm is NAID Certified, please visit

Prism Int Privacy PlusWe are also a Prism International Privacy+ facility.


Puliz provides a Free Certificate of Destruction with EVERY shred job, no matter how small!

Puliz Records Management Services offers secure and confidential destruction of your documents upon request. Records specialists see that your documents are destroyed properly. In-office portable destruction bins are available for placement in your office with regularly scheduled pick-ups.

To request a free quote, please call 702.302.4046. If you've reached us after hours, or would otherwise prefer, you may fill out and submit the quote request form on this page. A representative will contact you within one business day.

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Puliz Recycles – 100%

Every year, countless trees are harvested to make the necessary paper to run our offices, businesses, and personal lives. Paper is often needed to complete essential tasks, but there are many ways to reduce our daily paper consumption.

Puliz is committed to saving our environment. Here are some of things we do at our own offices to help save trees.

  1. Rather than printing an entire document (cover sheet and all), we print only the pages we need.
  2. We make double-sided copies.
  3. We preview and edit documents before printing, being sure to use spell check and other tools to help avoid errors that may necessitate re-printing.
  4. We reuse print-error pages as scrap paper for messages and reminders.
  5. We’re carefule to copy only the number of documents required for a meeting.
  6. We forward memos and newsletters electronically to our employees.
  7. We shred and recycle all of our office paper.

We carry this same care into every shred job we perform. All Puliz shredding equipment produces particle sizes that fall within NAID specifications. We bale our shredding in-house in a closed loop process. We track all paper from pickup to pulping process. This ensures the safety, security, and integrity of all destroyed materials, and also helps improve the environment! All shredding brought into our facility is ultimately recycled to produce recycled paper products thereby saving the trees that would otherwise be used to make these products.


Should your company need a paper recycling container along with the secure containers, Puliz will be happy to provide it for you! Just ask!

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