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Need Top-Notch On-Site Shredding Service Specialists in and around Northern Nevada?

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on-site shreddingWe've got it. At Puliz Records we understand that there are a variety of scenarios where only on-site deconstruction of sensitive data will do; when confidentiality and security is of utmost concern. We understand those instances where being witness to the destruction of the data by your company personnel is not just nice, but mandatory.

For these pivotal situations we come right to your business and then take care of business in a professional and completely confidential manner.

Make sure that you've suitably protected your company and your clients’ vital, confidential information from start to finish with on-site shredding offered by Puliz Records.

Puliz offers:

  • The full service of a completely mobile shredding system that will come directly to your door

  • Environmentally adherent recycling of all destroyed copy in a clean, safe manner – we're proud to share that ALL destructed particle sizes fall within NAID specifications

  • Specially trained (and screened) operators that are highly competent in all the destruction equipment procedures and protocols.

  • A verified custody chain from start to finish

  • State-of-the-art mobile destruction vans that are equipped with top-of-the-line shredding equipment and security measures

It's Easy to Get Started:

First, we assess your shredding needs together and then we distribute our secure shred consoles or bins in handy areas around your warehouse and/or office locations.

Then, by following a mutually predetermined schedule, Puliz Records sends out our specialist courier-operator and they retrieve the contents of the containers and bins and relocate it to our safe and secure mobile shredding vehicle.

Following this the sensitive data is proficiently (and confidentially) shredded and then relocated to Puliz Records' secure facility where it is baled and environmentally recycled.

Why Trust Puliz Records?

There are many reasons, not the least of which, your company representative can be on hand to view the shredding process from start to finish.

We also make it easy for you; as we observe strict diligence protocols and stay in line with regulatory government compliance obligations and privacy laws throughout the entire process.

Not only that; no matter how large or small the shredding scenario is, once it is completed we will give you a Certificate of Destruction for your company files.

You can feel GREAT about putting your trust with Puliz Records for all of your shredding requirements. The serenity that only comes with confidential, secure, and environmentally sound deconstruction is found with Puliz Records!