Why Choose Puliz?

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N. Las Vegas
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Las Vegas
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When it comes to the care and management of your critical files, you need to rely on a company that will take the time and effort to understand your business and will provide the level of security, service and integrity you deserve.

Puliz is Nevada's largest family owned and operated records management service. Records are stored in state-of-the-art warehouse facilities with modern security systems throughout. The Puliz family has a reputation for striving for complete customer satisfaction.

Developing top-level and precise file management systems is an ongoing priority for the team at Puliz. The results of this commitment are realized through an unrivaled track record.

Equally important to customer satisfaction is the family's penchant for community involvement. The Puliz family came to Nevada in 1958 and has always been active in helping to make the Silver State a better place to live and work each day.

When it comes to managing your records, stability is very important. Puliz has been around since 1978. Because Puliz owns all of its buildings, you can be sure that they will be here to stay, and that you'll be able to rely on a long-term relationship with people you can trust.